Centre for Ecological Sciences

With the support of the  Ministry of Environment and Forests, the Centre for Ecological Sciences was founded in 1983. It offers exciting opportunities for research in a variety of areas in ecology. Over the past 25 years, and more, the Centre has worked in diverse areas of ecology, evolution and behavior. It is focusing on ground breaking research in ecology

PhD in Centre for Ecological Sciences

The PhD programme revolves around empirical laboratory and field studies with theoretical and computational explorations aimed at addressing fundamental issues in ecology, evolution, animal behaviour and climate change. For more details, click here

The Centre for Ecological Sciences, through the Division of Biological Sciences, admits students with a B.Sc degree, for an Integrated PhD Program. For more on the program, click here

IISc offers a four-year Undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. An attractive feature of this program is that students will learn fundamentals of Physical, Mathematical and Chemical sciences while it also offers a large number of electives from the fifth semester onwards. Fore more information, click here

Centre for Ecological Sciences
Third floor, Biological Sciences Building.
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012, India.
Phone: 91-80-2360-0985

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